since 2020 July, lots of things happened!! My boss closes our project because a partner leaves the team. I think it's a pretty good time for me to restart as an indie game developer. I always want to build my own game alone. I want to build a game all by myself. Nobody can tell me what I should do, I can make it the way I like. But, first, I need to learn game design, story writing, coding, 3d art, game engine, animation, post-effect, UI, and music. So yeah, I start learning all the things I need. Today I go through most of them, I learned Python, use Godot Engine, but I want to use Unreal Later because Godot cannot fit with 3d projects well. Zbrush is good, blender of course pretty nice. ETC... I still need to learn blueprint or C++ I think? Also music and sound are pretty important. It's a long walk, but I see the light, It's almost there.

Notion is pretty good, I use it since August 2021. Everything is more organized.

I think to keep update a goal mood board could be really helpful for the illustrator to improve self's art skills. And as a record, it can keep track of my art study process, in the future I can look back and see what I like at first then think about why I took some reference out. Also tomorrow I would post some character study reference, recently I got a huge interest in how to paint characters. The human figure painting finally starts attracting me.

This moodboard is a collection of my goal. The interesting thing is I did not put any Classic painting master in the list, even my favorite illustrator's artwork is not on the list. This one is actually more like a direction that I would love to do, technically and aesthetically in the next step. So what I will do is keep comparing my work with this board when I drawing any until they got the same feeling, I will look for the next step. Recently I find out a self-definition is so important for me. How I describing my self would actually affect my artwork. And today, I figure out I am actually is, an illustrator & indie game maker. So I draw illustrations, and make indie games.

Since my old IG account is been deleted for no reason, I lost all the record info since 2017-2019. But It should be ok, basically the past two years, I was learning all the skills include game engine, animation 2d, and 3d, 3d models, ZBrush, blender, photoshop, game maker studios, etc...

I graduated from the University of Minnesota Duluth (BFA Painting) in 2016 I remember, then get into SCAD illustration MFA in 2016/09. At SCAD I meet so many amazing peoples, I will talk about them also in the future.

2017 - 2018, keep learning skills, start to post develop log on old IG account (which been deleted at 2020 sad). And some people are so important at those two years, wow. totally change my life. I will write about them in future posts.

Since I really hate to write any papers, and at the same time, I meet a really sweet girl, at that time I just want to spend my life with her. So I change my major to MA and move to New York in May 2018. During those times I keep searching for all the information about how to make indie games, uhh difficult, so much need to learn.

2019 March We came back to China, and find a job in Beijing. But sine some reason I find myself so much into work, I just cannot think about other things. That's a big reason we broke up. After that time is a looooooooooooooog dark time for me. Its actually pretty passion in the first 3 months. But after that, damn... I feel lost, and meaningless. The question is "what I am doing right now? I cannot feel my life's meaning".
And one night, I find my sketchbook, I doodled a character, in the late-night, no critic, no other's opinion, no director's pressure, no "style", no "Art", just me, and I like it. I feel so happy and yes! That is what exactly can make me happy. I want to do "That"!

And yeah, I think this is for today.

After today I will post everything here, just in case I lost all the info on IG again. All this is to help anyone who wants to create their own game but does not know how to start, and want to know what needs to learn and what would happen... All the daily detail thing would be here. So, let's begin.

I want to write something about the reason I want to make indie games. I think it is pretty important for me to analyze or "observe" myself. Actually I think it would solve the first important problem- "what are you doing Yinghui, why make the indie game"?

10/31/2017 Indie game develop log: maybe make 2d game extreme 2d. As flat as possible

10/25/2017 Indie game develop log: Emotional Layer (♡˙︶˙♡)
10/26/2017 Indie game develop log: shred the emotional layer! Dinner with monster is better

10/25/2017 Indie game develop log: For anyone who still wakes up and working!

10/20/2017 Indie game develop log: This book is the therapy. And, Can’t believe it just $14. How could It be $14??????!!!!!

10/05 – 10/19/2017 I try to test if the watercolor can make animation and use in the game. It works! but my animation is stupid. I need to learn how to make animations.

10/05/2017 Good to understand make the plan before everything started. The image is about the level 1 and 2 scenes.
"Indie game develop log: Its definitely better plan everything on paper before start making it in digital (っ ̯ -。)"

09/30/2017 Still trying out new color, it really a slow process. I feel i am going into a wrong direction when I make it.

09/27/2017 Try out the color by drawing a building asset.

Indie Game Develop Log: 09/19 – 09/23 I made an NPC. Digital color, make the animation by animate 2d in Unity.

The indie game develops log: 09/2017 Since September 2017 I decided to record the daily process of my indie game developing process. In this log I would contain every I think about, read, and the reason why I make any decisions. Before 11/03/2017 everything is posted on Instagram, after 11/03/2017, more details would write down here, for me, for anyone who interesting in developing their own game, for a record of a part of a time in my life.